August October…

A visit postponed from August to October…Ams 2010 002Robin in RJ’s gift of an overcoat which kept him warm 🙂 Ams 2010 037during an interview with the relative of a WWII veteran by a Dutch canal…Ams 2010 004 (Zoom in)! 

Time to Greet Robin ❤ !003008A Close-up!

Pre Concert Penguins 😀_52167794_plaque_140411_stillfrom afar and getting closer 😉 1382049_555121857889646_504427133_n71715_1492219100850_4495624_n!!!

A chance for autographs and to chatP1000794.  Discussing his role as the ongoing President of  CISAC (European copyrignt), The Titanic Requiem, composing with RJ 303870_4146684636960_629559978_nand expressing our gratitude for his many many kind acts,  Including, The RAF-BC MemorialDSCI3181DSCI3178(visited in October of 2012), Too Much Heaven and US5, even more for the Children of the World via UNICEF 🙂 !..Robin recalling his friend David Frost and his important role in a Gift of Song.concert-for-unicef-1979-dvd-very-rare-78ae ! The gift which keeps on giving7823957_1194548531_tmh01 !  Thank you, Robin.

Au Revoir and onto the HMH for Too Much Heaven, which Robin sang heavenly ❤ !  Where is this video!?!


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