An Irish Immigrant & Her Boys

I wish there was another year, another time (Bee Gees Walking Back To Waterloo)

With great anticipation this month last year, I waited for my CD of The Titanic Requiem, arriving in all its classical glory! Familiar with its entirety, having been at the Listening Party offered on Facebook, at last, in hand! Awakened to the historical implication of this Robin Gibb and  RJ Gibb commemoration, I wanted to learn more about the immigrants traveling on board The RMS Titanic.

Eager to arrive in New York, with the promise of a new life in the New World. Inside the treasured TTR package, the composers note that 49 children perished from steerage. Within that number, defined by class, the five sons of Margaret Rice.4784511_f260 For me, she became the fluid figure in the enchanting Don’t Cry Alone video. This widowed mother in search of her boys. So, with the time and inclination to remember.

One far from a belief in Paradise, crying out for mercy and the hope for Margaret and her boys, In Paradisum, love and life everlasting. Some means to sweep away her pain and sorrow. Again, my utmost gratitude to Robin and RJ for honoring those who lost their lives that tragic day in April 1912.  This brave woman among them, believing in a dream that would change the circumstances that kept her sons in the hold.

Forever in our memory, she is not left to cry alone.


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