Remembering Robin..

Time caught up with her, there seemed no where to turn. Then she remembered Massachusetts4023444-4x3-940x705. Searching for the meaning of life, and the most melodious lyrics, she came back to The Bee Gees. From I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You, through the decades, hanging on every word of his unique vibrato. Approaching a time to retire, restored by an Embrace of Robin Gibb and his gift of song. In between clients, her spirits soared. Afloat on a river leading to an ocean of musical discovery.

Through life’s rocky events and tragedies, he became the the light that shone on her. Enthusiastically, she, and her best friend Ellen, purchased passage to this Bee Gee’s Homecoming on The Isle of Man. In wild abandon, they pursued their transatlantic dreamAfternoonTeaTripSeptember2008439, landing in a huge windswept marquee. No longer just imagined, they were there with Robin and His Band! Flowing to the sounds of Too Much Heaven and How Deep Is Your Love, The Greatest Hits from Robin and his awesome brothers.

The spellbound travelers from afar, listened, along with the Manx crowd, as the unofficial National Anthem rose like a vision, impeccably from the voice that touches the heart.2007HomecomingIOM A gallant and gifted newly elected President of European copyright, a Native Son. She could see, he was somebody.

Returning over and over again, the following Spring, 67 Brook Streetrobin_gibb_5134831 in commemoration of the three boys from Manchester. Afternoon Teas at the Prebendal, where this Heritage Foundation President honored the forgotten veterans of a World War.d60512d3-116a-41cc-bf84-758be4eee883_zps3316a181 A pre concert Penguin in the lobby of the Holland HiltonP1000794, rainbows all around her. The lad, once from Australia, setting so many hearts on fire. With Titanic effort, together with his son RJ303870_4146684636960_629559978_n, composing a classical tribute to those unfortunate souls on board an ill fated ship. In all its glory, bound for New York. Heroic, Brave Sir Robin.

How can she confide this incredible journey. The thrill, a Super Star, alongside his amazing, talented wife Dwina and the musical genius of their son, graciously accepting fame. Mozart of his time72122_4038865981424_966017821_n, with an underlying understanding of melody. Perennial as the grass, said he, stirring universal human emotions. On a wing and a prayer, Robin Gibb taught her how to fly. Like so many, she will wait for one million years……
Au Revoir, RobinxxxxImage


60 thoughts on “Remembering Robin..

  1. Wow Bethany, you really know how to say it and you really know how to touch us with your words .. Tnx for this great tribute for this great man, our Robin, to his wife and his son.

    Many hugs,

    Ninneke xxx

  2. Today 10 months that Robin has left us this is my dedication:
    They say the ghosts dance with the music,
    I would like to compose a song for you to make you feel
    how I miss you and how much I suffer, so you can
    dance too and make me happy. xxx

  3. 10 months that Robin must gone…

    The most painful tears are not the once
    that fall from your eyes
    and cover your face,
    It`s the onces that fall from your heart
    and cover your soul…

    Wish you were here,Robin xxx

      • I woke up one morning in May, a
        day like any other, no it was not a normal day
        “You were not here anymore.” You left the previous evening in silence,
        suddenly the emptiness around me as if the world had dropped a veil
        black and all creation stopped.
        The wind swept away all our present, leaving only memories.
        I wanted to die at that time, but God wanted you, because you
        You were an angel on earth provided by God to us to give us your voice.
        My friend how many memories you left us, not a day goes by that I do not hear your voice
        and I admire your smile that now we can only see in the pictures.
        You’re with the angels now they have the privilege to hear your voice
        and admire your smile.
        Robin I miss you ……..

  4. Beth, my abject apologies for not commenting before, but this is just beautiful! Giusi, your post says it all. Thank you both. 🙂

  5. Hello Beth, are adorned with reading
    These pages dedicated to Robin.
    How many good memories he left us Robin,
    now it’s all over but not my respect
    and admiration for a male voice from the gentle
    angelica, is now part of my existence
    and there is no day that I do not think about him.
    Robin I miss you ……

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